Short term consulting and advice from healthcare executives who have walked in your shoes.



Reduce the time needed to solve your questions with individual experts specified to help you reach solutions as quickly as possible.

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Two isn't always better than one. Unlike a team of consultants, our experts are accessible today and designated to help you directly. Where you save time, you save money.


Who better to help with your everyday strategic questions than the professionals that have dealt with them first-hand? Our experts come with 20-to-30-plus years of deep experience. They have been where you are and are prepared to help you solve problems.


Accelerate your success with executive-to-executive experts who can help check things off your list, drive results and amplify your leadership. With XCO, you get expert A-listers to round out your team.

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Our clients trust us because we've been there. Executive to executive, we have the experience to help you reach quick solutions to your everyday issues.

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We have the experts to tap so you can quickly get to the best decision, in every situation.

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We have a community of experts in many categories, available to drive solutions for healthcare strategy, innovation, leadership and more.

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We have you covered with whatever meeting style is convenient for you.
You have the option to engage one expert or a combination of them to solve your strategic questions. These meetings can take place in whatever fashion fits best for you whether by phone, virtual or in-person meeting.
Executive to executive, your questions are answered by healthcare leaders like you.